MJ Mortensen Now Part of Lipsey and Associates

Lipsey and Associates Welcomes MJ Mortensen ClientsImportant Update – 01/01/2018
After long thought and consideration, Jane Mortensen has decided to retire. She has worked tirelessly for 40 years on serving her clients well and will miss each one. For ways to wish her well and contact her, please use the number below.

We have looked at different possibilities for the business going forward and we decided that the best solution for our clients is to merge with the nearby CPA firm Lipsey and Associates. Jeffrey Lipsey, CPA, EA was thoroughly vetted by Janie and is an upstanding, competent and hardworking CPA and Enrolled Agent. Like us, he services small businesses in the greater DC area. We whole heartily endorse him to serve your Tax and Accounting needs in a professional and affordable manner.

Eric Metzger and Linda Macsisak are now at Lipsey and Associates
New Address : 8229 Boone Blvd Suite 305
Vienna, VA 22182.
Phone: 703-988-6573
Fax: 703-997-2621

New E-mail: [email protected]

Jeffrey Lipsey, CPA, EA

Janie Mortensen 

Eric Metzger